Traditional sport booking required going to a Sports Booking Operator who would then provide you with odds on a certain game. Sports betting is now legal in Nevada as well as in other states, due to the repeal of PASPA. The PASPA repeal has sparked an influx of activity. Major professional teams as well as the four major American sports leagues are now working with licensed sports book operators to create their own booking channels. The popularity of online sports betting is growing as in-person casinos respond with increased demand and opening new locations to meet this demand.

moviefree8k betting has been legalized in Iowa since 2019. Operators are now able to accept bets on sports within the state. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission oversees these online operators. The sport book in Michigan is permitted in three casinos and online casinos. The state launched its sports book program in March 2020, right before the Coronavirus Pandemic swept the state. Mississippi tried its hand at mobile betting in 2018, but has not fully embraced it.