The Matrix Revolutions2003

The Matrix Revolutions After Reloaded has ended Reload continues. Neo and Bane remain in the medical facility. It is loyal and faithful to the Merovingian. Neo tries to take a train ride with his family, however the Trainman isn’t willing to allow Neo aboard. Then Neo is able to defeat Neo.

Seraph communicates with Trinity and Morpheus to ask the Oracle to inform them of Neo’s arrest.

In reality, the crews of the Hammer and the Nebuchadnezzar find and activate Niobe’s ship The Logos.

To help human defenses, Niobe, Morpheus and Zee run toward Zion with their Hammer to defend themselves.

Machine City is attacked by an array of machines which attack the Logos. Neo warns Smith that he is planning to take on the Matrix as well as the real world. He suggests stopping Smith from settling down with Zion.

The Machines insert Neo into the Matrix and it is completely taken up by Smith. The energy released by the Matrix makes Neo’s clone be killed, as well as all of the Smith replicas. The Oracle to rest in the Matrix and force Neo to give up his life. The machines then take Neo.

The Matrix is revived. The Architect is reunited with the Oracle in the park.


The Matrix Revolutions

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