Wood Job! 2014

Wood Job

Wood Job

Wood Job is a 2014 Japanese comedy film written and directed by Shinobu Yaguchi and based on the novel Kamusari naa Nichijo (Shen Qu NaanaaRi Chang ) written by Shion Miura. The film features Shota Itani and Masami Nagasawa. The film’s main theme song is “Happiest Fool”, sung by Maia Hirasawa. The film came out in the month of May, 2014. It premiered its North American debut at LA Eigafest 2014.

The story centers around Yuki Hirano (played by Shota Sometani) who has failed his university entrance examinations and being abandoned by his partner is forced to sign up for the forestry program after the basis of a gorgeous female face (Nagasawa) on a promotional leaflet. He is determined to continue, even though he would prefer to quit. There are many others who leave. Although initially, they are skeptical of the newcomer the villager community grows to love him and see him as one of their own.

He soon realizes the task is more difficult than he anticipated, and he works with the hard-working supervisor Hideaki. Yuki discovers the importance of respecting the forests, as well as the culture of the town, and opens his eyes to life outside of the big city. He pursues the woman in the pamphlet, and her beauty inspires him to make the move. The film concludes with the Onbashira Festival which involves riding huge logs down the hill.

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